IMEX Rimless Toilets – The ultimate in hygienic performance

The IMEX range of rimless toilets offers a modern, precision engineered solution to the contemporary bathroom that sets it apart.

With no internal rim, the innovation flushing system swirls water across the entire WC pan, removing any residue and leaving the WC clean and fresh – even at volumes of water as low as 4/2.6L, unlike traditional box rim toilets.

The open design and clever flushing system delivers a splash free flush and as there is no rim to harbor bacteria or germs, reduces the need for chemical cleaning products, making it an easy-to-maintain, more hygienic choice.


With no rim to harbour bacteria and germs, IMEX rimless toilets are ultra-hygienic.

Specially formulated super smooth high gloss, anti-bacterial glaze, repels any deposits sticking to the surface, offering long-lasting hygienic protection.

The IMEX precision engineered flush system cleans the entire pan at water volumes as low as 4/2.6l, saving water and removing residue efficiently – without splashing!

Minimalistic designs, allow for more space saving and a modern look.

Extensive range of designs.

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