There is no doubt that the emergence of smart homes comes from the human wisdom, which optimize people’s lifestyle; continuous insight of life lets us have a higher pursuit of quality; IMEX smart series give the perfect integration of technology and aesthetics.

Introducing Imex Smart World

New technology system, new flushing model, discarding traditional exposed high water tank, and only 70mm thickness of the seat cover, above all crafts a real slim integrated smart toilet.

Complete mechanical flushing system. Unique advanced flushing system avoids any potential risk of battery leakage occurred in the market, safety and environmental protection. The flushing system still works smoothly even in power outage.

New flushing system, more stable, water saving and fashionable. A brand new upgraded stainless steel spindle is more solid and durable; it’s designed without dead corner and easy to clean, which makes the structure more slim and compact.

The diatom with strong absorptive power can not only adsorb unpleasant odor, but also turn harmful particles into oxygen ions, keeping the bathroom always with fresh air and more durable.

Product Installation Demonstration

Watch our demonstration video which clearly details the installation process for our Smart toilets.

12mm Slim Seat Cover

By adopting a new ultra-thin structure design, the seat over overall thickness is reduced to less than 45mm and a single layer is only 12mm; Modelling is concise and fluent, which is more in line with the current market trend.

Intelligent Toilet Technology


You can adjust the water volume, water temperature and water pressure independently on rear wash function


You can adjust the water volume, water temperature and water pressure on the women wash function.


You can adjust the wind capacity and temperature on drying function.


Wetting the ceramics surface when using the toilet and wash more cleaner by less water.


The self cleaning sprayer ensures a clean and fresh wash.


The deodorization function will open automatically and provide fresh air when using the toilet seat.


The sprayer head can be disassembled freely to facilitate washing and keep cleaning.


All functions for smart toilets are controlled through a simple twist of a beautifully conceived button, which turns, presses to control rear wash, women wash and drying as well as regulating the position and flow volume of the shower spray, as well as the water temperature.

Delicate feel, light guide with comfortable operation

Micromesh texture with intuitive touch

Many features with one control

One rotary knob control, easy operation

Side rotary knob control design integrates all smart functions on a minimalist knob, by rotating and pressing, it can easily achieves rear wash, lady wash and drying; as well as regulating the position and flow of the shower spray, water temperature.


SSimple and clean design, functional operation at a glance; tilted design, ergonomics, make the controller more comfortable to use and understand when operating the smart toilets



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